Creatively Engaging on Mobile

Our Favorite Generation to talk about … Millennials

Say what you will about Millennials, in December of 2016 they surpassed Baby Boomers to become the United States’ largest living generation. From technology, to social, to core values they are very different from their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors, and far more diverse with over 43% of them being nonwhite, the largest share of any past generation according to (Pew Research Center).

Millennials are also wielding over 1.3 trillion dollars in annual purchasing power (Boston Consulting) recognize that there is no such thing as a ‘millennial’ — just individuals or groups of individuals who are at a similar life stage and live with similar technological experiences. (Group). Now, with over 85% of them using smart phones (Nielsen), and interacting with them over 45 times a day (SDL), creative marketing on mobile is essential to EVERY brand. However, taking all that into account keep in mind “Companies or brands that successfully market to millennials are ones that recognize that there is no such thing as a ‘millennial’ — just individuals or groups of individuals who are at a similar life stage and have lived through similar experiences.” – Fiona O’Donnell, Senior Lifestyles & Leisure Analyst (Mintel)

Engaging a Generation With Mobile

With all the reports and research we are getting bombarded with about mobile, it is extremely important that we put it into perspective. Mobile creative / marketing strategy and engagement should never be siloed in a bubble. I still find myself preaching that there is no digital or traditional marketing. There is simply Marketing.

We live in a digital world that is now dominated by mobile. Each of these are layers of the strategic cake. You must understand the audience in their micro-moments (Google Micro Moments), how they engage with your particular brand or product and their path to purchase.

If you are a brand looking to increase engagement with Millennials, you must connect with them at the top of the funnel, in the beginning of their journey. Those early micro-moment searches predominantly begin on a mobile device.

What is your organic ranking? 

What unpaid keywords is your brand ranking for?

What are the organic terms driving traffic from mobile searches?

Answers to these questions will give you direct insight into planning a creative strategy and content that can answer the consumers’ questions and move the relationship forward.

This last one should be obvious at this point. Social Media is one of your brands most powerful weapons in your arsenal to engage with any consumer, but especially with Millennials. Brands investing in social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat drive significantly more traffic and convert more of those leads to sales.

James Nash